Hi I'm Jonathan...

...known as JB.

A camera geek and dedicated commercial photographer.

I appreciate design in all it's forms, from the elegance of a Louboutin to the monolithic architecture of a Land Rover, from a textural edible temptation to the jewellery of a glistening brandy glass. Design and imagery excite me and drive my passion to create beautiful images in digital and print formats that my clients will adore.

I have over 12 years shooting experience for brands and editorial. Working in both the UK and across Europe with a diverse range of clients such as Carlsberg, Volvo, Cambridge Audio and BBC TopGear, I have gained a reputation for balancing a professional approach for whatever needs doing with producing high quality images. 

I am confident in creating a shoot from the ground up from the early concept stages to the retouching and wrapping of the job. Equally I thrive on partnering closely with Art Directors to attain the exact imagery that they need for their products or stories.

Based in East London, I am also happy to travel and have extensive experience working outside of the UK.


General Inquiries

Call on +44 (0)7958 636 086 or send a little message using the form below...

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